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9 thoughts on “ Avoiding The Consequence

  1. Nov 22,  ·   Avoiding consequences is a way to resolve something by ignoring the other person and denying them the consideration they deserve.   People who behave this way lead the other to believe that they aren’t interested in fixing the damage. They display a certain contempt for the other person (“it’s not that big of a deal”).
  2. Crafting layered, spacey and hypnotic songs in which washes of reverb-drenched guitars settle into the spaces left by the whispering, effects-laden vocals, "Avoiding The Consequences" comes across like Doves meets Isis with a sprinkling of Radiohead/5(2).
  3. A rock & roll album this consistent in sonic concept is something of a rarity, at least outside of hardcore punk circles. A Shoreline Dream's debut album could be taken as a one-hour seminar on singer Ryan Policky's theory that "production is the most important part of any band's sound." Break down the musical content, and there isn't always very much there: layers and layers of shimmery 8/
  4. to avoid sth (as taboo) to avoid sth essential because of a slight risk; to avoid sth.|sb. like the plague; to avoid such omissions; to avoid suffering; to avoid the consequences; to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial; to avoid the issue; to avoid using a taboo word; to avoid work; to avouch; to avow; to avow one's errors; to avow oneself; to avow oneself to sth.
  5. Nov 02,  · Well, even if you keep on avoiding any consequences, eventually you have to face them. Nothing like James Potter can be avoided for a long period of time, was Lily's last thought of the day.
  6. Jul 05,  · How to Avoid Bad Consequences. Most of our setbacks are not due to bad circumstances but to bad decisions. We forget that a decision is an action that has consequences. It is a commitment of limited resources (time, money, reputation, manpower) that we can never get back. Here are three suggestions to help managers pause the action button, see the red flags and .
  7. Aug 11,  · Substitution: avoiding by numbing, suppressing, addictive behaviors, or replacement emotions (i.e., replacing shame with anger) When you’ve identified and listed frequently used avoidance strategies for a particular emotion, examine consequences (see the Emotion Avoidance Consequences Worksheet in the book Emotion Efficacy Therapy).
  8. Apr 30,  · As stated by novelist Ayn Rand; “We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality.” The final result has been a developing mob of streetfighters, of crudeness, crassness and cheapness. In a periodical called “The Freeman” published an article about the Second Continental Congress in the United States.
  9. Apr 26,  · Try as you might, you can’t escape the consequences of your decisions, whether good or bad. Every choice carries a consequence. For better or worse, each choice is the unavoidable consequence of its predecessor. There are not exceptions.

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