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9 thoughts on “ Rastaman Live Up

  1. “Rastaman Live Up!” is a call to action by Bob Marley to his fellow Rastafarians. Bob encourages Rastas to grow out their hair, embrace their rich culture and heritage, and live in fear of and hope.
  2. Apr 30,  · Rastman Live Up is one of my all time favorites and one that started me growing my dreadlock as again for the 4th time in my life now, I could listed to Rastaman Live Up by Bob Marley again and again.. From Natural Mystic by Bob Marley Don’t ask me why.
  3. De Bongoman, Ras Bongo-Jerie, with World Citizen's at the Cabooze Nightclub in Minneapolis. Rastaman live up lyrics: Rastaman live up, Bongoman don't give up.
  4. Congoman, live up, yeah! Bongoman, don't give up! David slew Goliath with a sling and a stone; Samson slew the Philistines with a donkey jawbone: Iyaman, live up! Rastaman, don't give up! Binghi-man, live up! Congoman, don't give up! Trodding through creation in a irie meditation; Seen many visions in-a this yah Armagiddyon: Rastaman, live up.
  5. Iyaman, live up Rastaman, don't give up Binghi-man, live up, yeah Congoman, don't give up. Trod ding through creation In a Ire meditation Seen many visions In a this ayah Armageddons. Rastaman, live up Congoman, don't give up Rastaman, live up, yeah Natty Dread, no give up. Saw it in the beginning So shall it be in this iwa And they fallen in confusion.
  6. Feb 13,  · Chorus 2: C F G Rastaman, live up; Binghi-man don't give up. C F G Congoman, live up, yeah, Bongoman, don't give up. Verse 2: C F G David slew Goliath with a sling and a stone; C F G Samson slew The Philistines with a donkey jawbone. Chorus 3: C F G Iyaman, live up; Rastaman, don't give up! C F G Binghi-man, live up; Congoman, don't give up.
  7. Like "Blackman Redemption", "Rastaman Live Up" was cut in for Lee Perry, and became an immediate smash in Jamaica, but only received an international release in , when it was included on The Wailers's posthumous Confrontation album.
  8. Rastaman, live up, yeah! Natty Dread, no give up! Saw it in the beginning, so shall it be in this iwa; And they fallen in confusion, well-a just a step from Babel Tower.

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